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What Readers are Saying About My Book

Posted by johnnieraz on December 1, 2020 at 12:30 AM

By John Rezell

      I find it fascinating that the visitors to my website and my friends on Facebook have always responded to me in direct, private messages rather than filling the Internet with public comments. I love that intimate relationship (and that's the reason I don't call these friends my "followers")

      That's why you don't see reviews of my books or comment about them scattered on websites. So I'll share a few and note that I'm flying on clouds this weekend after touching base with so many people from my life. Truth be told, you all have made me who I am today. BTW, a few Social Media shares wouldn't hurt my feelings ...


     “Wow! Just finished the first few stories from your book. They sure bring back memories of the strong friendships we created early in life and the impact they have had over the years. ”

      “Of course you would publish a book that all of us need for survival these days. Thinking of someone else other than ourselves and thanking the people in our lives for that emotional investment of time and saw the value in us."

     “What a great tribute to (leaving name out) — and to your friendship. How wonderful. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of your thank yous!"

     “What a beautiful read. It is so special the gift you have to recognize, embrace and put into words these life moments.”

     “I think the book could be misrepresented as just letters? It’s not quite that. Letters would be wonderful but this is much more than that. They are more like short stories.”

     “I'm about halfway thru your book (going to save the rest for tomorrow) … all I have to say is ‘Wow!’ You are rocking my world …”

      “What an amazing book … wish I could write something similar to acknowledge everybody who played a formative part in my life.”

     "Just finished your latest book. I was so inspired by the short stories and the thoughfulness of your writing."

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