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Dream Presentation

We sat in our desks that wintry afternoon in grade school firing electric glances among us while pursing our lips to keep completely silent for fear that the slightest peep might send that TV cart right back out of the room.

After fiddling with the antennae the fuzzy black-and-white picture cleared, and images of an Olympic superhero on skis flying down the side of a snow-capped mountain popped into view taking my breath away.

In a flash, something inside my head erupted like a fireworks on the Fourth of July. Just like that, my childhood dream came to life.

Hello. I’m John Rezell. Like all parents, I have one overwhelming lesson I hope to pass on to my daughters. Mine is simple: Dare to dream.

As a fifth-grade graduation present for my daughter Sierra, I created a high-energy, dynamic 30-minute multimedia presentation to inspire students to find a dream. I delivered it to her class at Holt Elementary School.

Their enthusiastic response ignited those fireworks in my head again, and a new dream was created. I’ve updated my presentation and hope to deliver it to as many fifth graders as possible.

I encourage students to experience the great outdoors and share their dreams and aspirations with their parents. Please consider this FREE program as a possible addition to your lesson plan.